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Do you prefer upfront or renewal-based compensation? At MERIX Financial, we are pleased to offer both compensation types to best suit your businesses’ demands. Our unique compensation models allow for more flexibility and options when working with MERIX Financial as your lending partner of choice.

merix brand

MERIX offers a trailer fee model for originators who want to build a book of business that has ongoing value.

  • Create a long-term revenue stream
  • Get paid on assets under administration, not just the transactions
  • Create an exit strategy from the business
lendwise brand

Lendwise (A Product of MERIX Financial) is the choice for originators who prefer to receive all their remuneration up front when the mortgage is funded.

  • Earn more on each of your Lendwise deals with enhanced tier-structure compensation
  • Earn extra compensation with a monthly efficiency bonus
npx brand

NPX (A Product of MERIX Financial) is a solution-based, alternative lending product.

  • Highly customized flexible rate and fee combinations to best suit you and your clients