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Annual mortgage statements will be available on the Customer Portal between February 17th and 24th depending on your mortgage product. You will then receive additional details by email and can expect to receive your statements by mail approximately one week later.

Why Work With a Mortgage Broker?

Why should I work with a Mortgage Broker?

Purchasing a home, refinancing, or buying an investment property are some of the biggest choices you will make in your life; you need to be confident about your investment. Mortgage Brokers are an invaluable resource to Canadian borrowers; they act as an intermediary between their clients and the lenders who provide mortgage loans. Brokers provide clients with a wealth of information, in-depth product knowledge, and access to competitive rates.

Mortgage Broker Advantages:

At MERIX Financial we partner with the very best Mortgage Brokers. Our brokers are dedicated, knowledgeable professionals who are committed to finding you the right mortgages for your circumstances. If you want to connect with a mortgage broker we can help.