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Product Offerings

MERIX Products

The Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) is a closed mortgage providing borrowers the flexibility to benefit from potentially lower short-term interest rates. It ensures peace of mind by allowing conversion to a Fixed Rate Mortgage at any point during the term.

The Bridge Financing program is designed for borrowers seeking a temporary loan to bridge the gap between selling their current home and purchasing a new one.

The Business for Self Program caters to self-employed borrowers with a minimum of 2 years in business who face challenges in providing conventional income verification.

The Cashback Mortgage provides homeowners with a lump sum of cash at the time of closing. This option is ideal for those who need immediate funds for various purposes such as minor renovations, purchasing furniture, and more.

In collaboration with First Canadian Title (FCT), MERIX Financial enables borrowers to transfer their current collateral mortgage charge to MERIX Financial at a competitive rate, incurring no extra costs to the borrower.

The Fixed Rate Mortgage is a closed mortgage providing borrowers the assurance of a consistent monthly payment throughout the mortgage term. It is fully assumable and portable, offering flexible prepayment options.

The Flexible Down Payment program enables borrowers to utilize existing credit facilities, gifts, or funds borrowed from immediate family members for their down payment or closing costs.

The New to Canada Mortgage permits eligible borrowers who have immigrated to Canada from another country or have been relocated by an employer to qualify for mortgage insurance with as little as 5% down.

The Purchase Plus Improvements program is suited for borrower(s) that require improvements to their newly purchased home. The purchase and the improvements are combined into one mortgage and a single advance.

The Small Rental Program provides borrowers with financing options for the acquisition of a property intended for full rental. Borrowers can own up to 4 rental properties, with a maximum of 2 financed through MERIX.

A program designed to assist homeowners with financing up to 95% loan-to-value for the purchase of a secondary home that will be occupied at some point during the year. This program also empowers borrowers to support family members who don’t meet income requirements in acquiring a home.

The Switch Program enables borrowers to seamlessly and efficiently transfer their mortgage from another lender to MERIX.

NPX Products

The NPX XTEND mortgage is NPX’s flagship contract rate qualifying solution. The XTEND program boosts qualifying power by utilizing non-stress tested rates, extended ratios, stated income & rental offsets. This is how you XTEND your borrowing power. Available in Ontario only.

The NPX EXACT mortgage allows clients to qualify at contract rate to maximize loan amounts with fee and no-fee options available on 2, 3, 4 and 5 year terms. With set guidelines, there is no grey area in this 30-year amortization product. Available in Ontario only.

The NPX AXIS mortgage is your standard qualification solution to pivot and accommodate various client scenarios including BFS stated income, rental properties, and unique income situations. Available in Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario.

The NPX XTREME mortgage is ideal for clients are that are self-employed, consultants, contractors or commissioned salespeople who may not be able to confirm all their income in the traditional manner. Available in British Columbia and Ontario only.