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Annual mortgage statements will be available on the Customer Portal between February 17th and 24th depending on your mortgage product. You will then receive additional details by email and can expect to receive your statements by mail approximately one week later.

Posted Rates

Our Posted Rates

Are you interested in moving and want to take your mortgage and rate to a new property? Are you looking to refinance to consolidate your debt? Or perhaps you’d like to renew your mortgage at the best possible rate? It is our goal to offer you an excellent service experience and earn the privilege of being your preferred mortgage provider throughout the life of your mortgage. We can assist you with all of your mortgage financing decisions – just give us a call and we’re happy to help.

Please note that Posted Rates below are also used for conversions from Adjustable-Rate Mortgage terms to Fixed Rate terms. If you have questions, please speak to your MERIX Financial representative.

Mortgage Product 6 Months 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year
Insured 9.15% 6.94% 6.19% 5.64% 5.19% 5.19%
Insurable up to 65% 9.15% 6.94% 6.19% 5.64% 5.19% 5.19%
Insurable >65% to 70% 9.15% 7.09% 6.34% 5.74% 5.34% 5.24%
Insurable >70% to 80% 9.15% 7.24% 6.39% 5.84% 5.49% 5.34%
Uninsurable 9.15% 7.64% 6.79% 6.29% 5.99% 5.99%

Interested in learning more about Interest Rate Differential (IRD) and why your prepayment penalty can vary from day-to-day? Click here to learn more.