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Mortgage Rates

Mortgage Rates

As a mortgage broker, you know that a homebuyer’s first question about their next mortgage is often regarding the mortgage rate.

MERIX Financial offers competitive rates – as well as other mortgage features – to help homebuyers finance their next home. To build a meaningful partnership with you and help you succeed, we provide varied mortgage solutions, industry-leading compensation and rewards programs and ongoing support to help you do your best for your clients.

The Bank of Canada Prime Lending Rate is the annual interest rate that Canada’s major banks and financial institutions, including MERIX Financial, use to determine their own interest rates for adjustable rate loans, including mortgages. When the Bank of Canada’s Prime Lending Rate changes, we adjust our own Prime Rate accordingly. Unlike Fixed Rate terms, Adjustable-Rate Mortgages are impacted by Prime Rate changes. The Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM) is a closed mortgage that offers borrowers the ability to take advantage of potentially lower, short-term interest rates while offering them the peace of mind knowing that they can convert to a Fixed Rate Mortgage at any time during the term.

MERIX Financial Prime Rate: 6.95%
Rates Effective: June 6, 2024

As mortgage industry leaders, MERIX Financial has an enviable record of building exclusive partnerships with leading mortgage brokers across the country. The brokers we have partnered with are essential to our success. They are focused on consistently providing the superior service that we developed collaboratively.

Our mission is simple: to stay on top of the evolving mortgage industry by continually listening to the needs of our brokers and their customers.

MERIX Financial has solutions to meet the specific needs of your clients. Not a MERIX Broker? Register today!

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